The Holy Body Tattoo/Godspeed You! Black Emperor – monumental


In the drive to overpower nature and vanquish impermanence, what remains when contemporary culture is stilled are but small tokens that speak of transience and humility.

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Endless Love: All Transistor Model

Endless Love

A 12-hour durational performance/sound installation. Two dancers, 30 transistor radios, 3 frequencies, 4 auxiliary audio channels and a giant disco ball, for that immersive full-body love effect.

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Somewhere Between Maybe


Ballroom music, but no ballroom. Twin blue turntables play one last record, crackling and humming with the fading memory of tunes. The theatre has been emptied of intent, or given over to its own. Two lone figures slip out from behind the curtained void. They dance masked, their faces as brief as emblems, their bodies a […]

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Heart as Arena

Heart as Arena, a full-length multimedia work for five performers, explores ideas of receptivity, transmission and the secret language of electricity that animates heart, mind and muscle.

This piece was born from direct experiences of love, longing, discomfort and displacement. From the distance between individuals – the paradoxes of intimacy, distance and our desire to communicate and be closer.

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Smash Up

Smash Up is a full evening presentation consisting of a series of short mixed-media works. Conceived as a collision between dance, animation and sound, Smash Up takes as its informing element the fluidity of the post modern age of repurposing – the remix, the sample, the mash-up.

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New Animal

New Animal is a multi media work that exploits the supreme versatility of the five dancers of the 605 collective. Suffused with raw, unbridled energy and a hunger for movement, the performers reclaim their animal bodies as a means of becoming fully human.

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