Double Bubble

A Bravo!FACT Presentation

Past Screenings:

2013, Festival De Cinéma Des Gens D’Ici, Toronto Under The Stars, TenduTV

December 7 – 11, 2011, InShadow – International Festival of Video, Performance and Technologies, Lisbon, Portugal

February 20th, 2012   Le Rendez-Vous Du Cinéma Québécois at the Cinéma ONF, Montréal QC

Bravo!Arts Channel

Double Bubble spirals into an obsessive-compulsive game of double-dare that runs wildly both in and out of control.As the animated elements begin to accumulate underneath the performers, massing to fill the space, certain movements will trigger the dissolution of line and form, rubbing out like a spot, an itch, a thinning of the skin. An ongoing process of accretion, attrition and erasure that concludes in an end-game of empty white space.

Posted on: Tuesday November 29, 2011

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